Juan has been designing, producing and installing luxury kitchens for more than 35 years now. He has always been at the forefront of interior design and is constantly experimenting with new, vibrant and innovative materials sourced from across the globe and used on his many projects. Each and every design is as personal and diverse as the last. Juan will interpret your own kitchen in new and sociable ways, whilst retaining the quality and workmanship that the luxury sector demands.


Juan will design your kitchen to the brief considering your own space, style and working conditions. Aesthetics and functionality are of equal importance in kitchen design and Juan will approach both with the highest level of innovation. As a result each kitchen is highly personalised with unique characteristics encapsulating all of it's different functions; living, eating, cooking, relaxing and entertaining. The range and quality of materials Juan uses offer highly personalized choices and allow for greater creativity in the design. A huge commitment to research and development is imperative to stay ahead of trends, bringing new finishes and concepts to Juan’s portfolio each year. As a designer he aims to create the best possible solutions for each customer mixing superlative functionality and design with top-spec materials for the ultimate statement in fashion and style.

Why choose Juan Design?

Firstly we must make one thing absolutely clear, we are not a standard kitchen company offering a purely standardized service. Juan prides himself on his highly-tailored design process, customer service and aftercare. These services take the stress out of buying a kitchen and ensure that every kitchen is designed to meet your specific needs. As we are not locked in with any one supplier or held down by excessive overheads, we can give you an utterly unique kitchen by providing whatever you want from anywhere in the world. If you require a unit outside of the standard modular elements, Juan will offer you a ‘made to fit’ service. Juan also offers a bespoke colour service – clients are asked to provide a sample of the required colour and lacquering can be precisely matched to the sample. Juan only uses experienced fitters who manage the entire fitting process to ensure that you are 100% happy with the final product.

We offer a completely free consultation on your kitchen so if it’s expertise, experience and more importantly the personal touch that you require when redesigning your home, then please do not hesitate to contact us.